A Point of View

Did you know that the word HOBO actually refers to the phrase “homeward bound”?  Neither did I up until a few days ago, but kind of cool.  So I'm a hobo beginning tomorrow for my little sisters graduation from school.  Congratulations Tina!

My posting will be limited this week so in case I don't get the chance to hop on and write... I leave you with some boards that should suffice.  Enjoy!

The inspiration for this board was the marriage of the "Big City" (NYC) and traditional Southern charm and values. The bride I worked with on these pieces had a distinct point of view which made it very easy to create the inspiration boards. 

Weddings are a time to convey emotion and create that kind of intimate setting that doesn't necessarily come with dimmed lighting (although that's always nice!).   Small hints and keepsakes of your individual and married personalities should be present so your guests can feel who you are as a couple and celebrate it. Etsy much?!

Each wedding is its own personality.  Don't be afraid to put yourselves into the day, rather than colors and gimmicks.  Guests aren't there to celebrate gimmicks- they're celebrating the pair of you.  Your union. Your unique personality.  

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