Signature Cocktail

I get it; it’s been done before, the Bride-Ini or Groom-Driver.  A drink that intertwines the name of the happy couple with a libation served at the cocktail hour or reception. How about a more subtle approach? Some of my favorite ideas keep trendy or fad themes discrete. Kind of like your garter. We know it’s there, but it’s hidden (and for good reasons!)

BHLDN has created a colorful menu of cocktails that incorporate flavor in more ways than one.  What you can find are 5 recipes and descriptions that will surely add to the festivities by clicking HERE.

 In the words of BHLDN:

 “…we turned to some of the top practitioners from America's burgeoning craft-cocktail scene for their take on bespoke wedding cocktails, which run the gamut from understated classics to true marvels of modern mixology. Click through for recipes and tasting notes from our favorite bartenders in New York, Chicago, New Orleans and more.”

Sounds pretty legit to me.

PhotoSources: BHLDN