Generally girls have an idea in their minds about the ring that they’d like to see on their finger.  Don’t lie, every single one of us has hopped onto the internet and scoped photos( especially that site with the little blue box on it).

Something that isn’t becoming so taboo anymore are brides-to-be accompanying their future fiancee’s to look at rings.  Some people do purchase rings on the spot, but typically couples will go to one or several stores and select 2 or 3 of the top choices and leave.  Later on the man will return to the stores and purchase THE ring.  

The woman is involved in the process, but the element of surprise still remains since the selected ring is still a mystery… and any man should never reveal exactly when he will propose.  Leave the surprise!
A friend of mine in a few weeks will be a modern soon-to-be fiancée.  She is accompanying her boyfriend to look at rings and wanted to know what she should wear.  Great question!

Above are a few ideas for what to wear to your ring appointment. Like any other type of pre-wedding event it’s always best to dress up a little.  Remember the “Sunday brunch” rule?  Ring shopping is a very special experience and occasion.  Even as a man doing this solo, look the part.  You want to be taken seriously as a customer since you will be investing a good amount of money. 

One last quick tip!  Wherever you decide to purchase the ring from, call ahead and let them know the reason for your visit. Some places require you to make an appointment, others don’t.  Either way it’s always good to call to make sure you are taken care of.


Upper left moving right:  'Beatrice blouse' JCrew, 'Tuxedo shirt in blue' JCrew, 'Cherry blossom necklace' JCrew, 'Nicola platform heels' JCrew, 'Cropped matchstick jean' JCrew, 'Cashmere open cardigan' JCREW; Bottom row:  'Bocagrande dress' Anthropologie, 'Spring ready dress' Anthropologie, 'Sunny soiree dress' Anthropologie, 'Fountain of youth dress', Anthropologie 'A different stripe Maxi dress' Anthropologie