A Little Birdy Told Me

Once revered as vintage, bird cages are making a huge come back this season.  Birdcages have a beautiful and unique way of framing a brides face and hair.  Full or partial, there is something mysterious and refined about these peep-through,  striking adornments.  
BirdcageVeils for the modern bride has a huge selection of birdcage veils from plain and simple to hat birdcages.  There is a wide range in price, depending on the size, decoration, and materials used to make the piece. It really is a work of art. 

picture source BHLDN
Hollywood has embraced birdcages as well.  2003’s Sweet Home Alabama was the first time I thought “hmmm that’s interesting”.  Reese sported a full birdcage and although just a movie, looked stunning. Katherine Heigl for her actual wedding to Josh Kelley has a partial birdcage.  The simplest things really do make the biggest impacts. We approve!

It would be very surprising if your bridal shop didn't have a birdcage for you to try on.  Many hair adornments and accessories can be custom-made and it won’t cost you a lot more than if you bought something that was a sample.  
Feathers, bows, flowers, you name it, they can make it.  Make sure to ask your consultant what varieties and custom birdcages are available.  If you don’t like what they have, check out these sites.