The Party Is Back!

JCrew has made a comeback!  I was disappointed to see that JCrew’s wedding and party dresses were less than exciting - there hadn't been anything new since the Fall!  Especially since last years “Cotton Candy” collection had blown everyone away.  For the past few weeks, I’ve been feverishly checking the JCrew site to see if there is a hint of a new pattern or color scheme.  And then the skies parted and behold! New dresses!
JCrew May 2011 should also be coming to you (if you haven’t received it already).  Please draw your attention to page 90.  This is the first time in the catalogue where I’ve seen JCrew state that their dresses are for more than just one occasion “The Fete set... Bridesmaid dress none weekend, killer cocktail frock the next...” www.jcrew.com 
JCrew has gone ahead for the following 6 pages and created their spread according to colors:  Blues, Martini, Coral.  Mix-and-match has been a repetitive subject in this blog and it just goes to show.  I wouldn't mind having a bridal party that looks eclectic yet put together so well. 

TIPS & TRICKS:  Remember when CL commented on every body type is different and may require a different style to tailor that individuals silhouette? Skin tone and color apply as well.  Don't be afraid to mix-and-match- it looks pretty amazing here. 
Personal Favorite:  Martini (pictured below)