Two Birds... Infinite Dresses!

Infiniti maxi dresses are popping up everywhere since you can create an endless number of dresses with one... hence the word “infinity”.  I bought my first infiniti maxi dress from Tart, but the one I find to be best for weddings (or for fun) is...

PERSONAL FAVORITE: Two Birds Infiniti Dresses

Two Birds takes you to a site where there are 3 kinds of infinity dresses to choose from:
The classic and two toned have the most colors options.   This is perfect for a bride who may have a large (or small) bridal party and would like to keep the color of the dresses the same, but is concerned about the shape of one style dress looking right on all of their bridesmaids.

This is the perfect solution.  We can all agree that every body is different, therefore we can agree that some styles may not be so flattering depending on the body type of the individual person.  This eliminates that problem.  Two Birds has video references and guides on how to tie your dress- 15 total and 4 different lengths!

The other nice aspect of these dresses is that they can be worn again, for another formal function with an entirely different look OR they can be worn casually depending on the style that you create. 

I’m a big proponent of flexibility when it comes to brides maids dresses.  A personal opinion is you should choose a dress that your bridesmaids can wear again or easily donate to someone going to another function... another blog :)

Enjoy Two Birds!