Glory to These!

Remember when wearing a paper hat at a birthday party, especially one you created yourself was super fun and considered an artistic achievement? Well here's a fresh take on those early-childhood memories AND a funky more playful way to celebrate the latest hat trend (thanks to The Royal Wedding).


I am happy to report that my mom and I purchased 4 of these when we came across them in a store on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I'm personally fond of mine- it reminded me of the hat I might've worn had I been a lost boy in Neverland or a mischievous nin-come-poop in 'Where the Wild Things Are' (that's mine over there).

Yes we surprised my sister on her 28th birthday in public wearing these hats, and to our surprised she jumped on the bandwagon, put on her purple birthday hat and we all sat for pictures while curious eyes stared at us from almost every table. 

Based out of Fort Valley Georgia, artist and milliner Jennie Hart Robinson has created one of a kind pieces of art to wear on your head.  They are all made using 100% recycled paper and better yet, just putting on one of these hats instantly lifts your mood and will make you giggle (you should've heard my mother snorting in the store when she found these).

Products that make you feel good and encourage laughter is CharlotteLucey approved- as Glory B Hats says, " Each hat is an individual creation –a true expression of the daily celebration of life and laughter".

BRIDES & BRIDAL PARTY MEMBERS:  These make great keepsakes and will contribute to all of the fun memory-building that occurs before, during, and after the wedding.  Want to do something other than a guest book?  Get a bride and groom hat and place them with pens at the reception- it will be a great way to scrapbook all of the fun memories from your day.

Bridesmaids- toss out the regular bridal veil for the bachelorette and get a custom hat that's festive and different!  Brides- want to have something special for your bridal party at your shower?  Get them each a hat that reflects their personality- I promise you'll have some great photos!

We'll be highlighting Glory B Hats often, with new ideas, products, and information about this glorious company!

Thanks Jennie!