Calling All Guests!

The ceremony has ended and guests begin to make their way to the reception.  Even before you are handed your first drink, there it is, waiting to tell you your fate for the evening… The placecard table (also known as escort cards).  These petite cards that get all of 30 seconds of attention let your guests know where they are situated in the room and with whom. A simple folding card and table are no longer the standard. Place card tables are now making their own statement at your wedding.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Place Card Buttons By Valley Flower Company

TIPS & TRICKS:  Why not have your place card holder be your guest favor?  Kill two birds with one stone.  If you want to give a small box of chocolates, why not have their name tag attached?  Candles can easily have personalized printed labels at no extra cost. 

If you want something a bit more fancy, have something that can be part of the décor.  Bud vases can be placed on the table and add to the centerpiece (also a favor). Or instead of placing your escort cards on a table, have them sitting on a bed of flowers. 

The buttons we mentioned above are great- they’re personal, easy to make or purchase, and people can wear them which will make for great photos. Also, who says your palce cards have to match? We’re a big fan of same size, but different colors and patterns.  This is especially a great way to tie in your main and accent colors in one place. If you have any concern that people may not know your color scheme you won’t have to worry when they’re together.

Don’t even get me started on Mason Jar Place Cards...A Southern Wedding in The Summer coming soon! And a post for a later time, how to decide:  “Who Sits With Who? And Where?”