Say Cheese With A Mustache!

This is a great addition and keepsake for you and your guests.  Have some fun and get goofy with a photobooth.  Not your average cheesy black box anymore, check out this vintage board-walk inspired booth from Magnolia Photo Booth Co. First of all, the look of the website itself has sold CharlotteLucey already.

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  Magnolia Photo Booth Co.

Based out of California, Magnolia Phone Booth Co. builds, designs and rents their booths.  They’ll even work with you to create custom panels for a one-of-a-kind photo booth just for your event!  Take a Tour of the MagBooth- what you can expect to see! 

You'll be impressed when you click on The Company .  The artsy and eclectic group with wide rimmed glasses, handlebar mustaches, and super hero descriptors is CharlotteLucey approved.  But also CL approved is their philosophy which you get right up front,

“We maintain a hands-on approach in all aspects of everything we do and pride ourselves on being the kind of company you can set your watch to.”

Second stamp of approval!  The quality of the photos is extremely impressive with their own patented flashing system. You can even preview before you print with a built in LCD screen- take a look.

Third stamp of approval (and we're pretty sure the props come from them!)

It doesn’t stop at your print out; You can also print thank you’s, posters (for those of you about to plan, Save-the-Dates!) and much more here at the Print Shop.  It's 100% worth a glance and an inquiry, check out Magnolia Photo Booth Co.

Would Magnolia Photo Booth Co. be at "The Golden Age" wedding?  CharlotteLucey thinks so.