Not Your Everyday Handwriting

I’d like to introduce everyone to Brown Linen & Co.  Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, owner and designer Abany has created a unique point of view for her clients. Brown Linen & Co has what Abany calls (and what I agree with)… 'the good stuff'.  The good stuff includes  handmades, calligraphy, and styling.

I'd also like to send a very happy CONGRATULATIONS to Abany, who just became engaged on Monday! 

I find the level of intricacy unparalleled.  I have yet to find a calligrapher who scribbles outside of the lines.  Still artistic and formal, the style of calligraphy Abany produces is very modern with a touch of rusticity.   Brown Linen & Co. works with all types of folks for whatever reason or occasion they need items for.

Abany is inspired by"structured chaos [and] has a heart for designing experiences and environments that involve as many of one's senses as possible".

CharlotteLucey is doing a series on Brown Linen & Co. that will feature each category of good stuff.  Stay tuned for Brown Linen & Co. once a week for the next 4 weeks.... and I'm sure much more than that!