Funky Friday!

It’s Funky Friday!  Happy post-Cinco de Mayo to everyone who survived!  And a special birthday shout out to Ms. Katherine Brun who’s engaged to be married to Evan McIntosh next Spring. 

For those of you who  may need an extra advil or pick me up before you can shut your “ojos” and sleep in tomorrow, let this song help you ge through the day- it's screams funk!

PERSONAL FAVORITE:  “Barbara Streisand” by Ducksauce 

CharlotteLucey Playlist #2 will be coming out next week and this song has made the cut.  Have a great weekend, enjoy your Funky Friday and rest of the weekend- see you Monday!

Free Weddingscape presentations end May 15th.  After which a fee will be charged.  I’d like to thank all of the Brides who have requested one- it’s been such fun working with you and creating your Weddingscapes!  Email CharlotteLucey.info@gmail.com