Food Favors

How does one go about ordering “food takeaways”.  I got many texts regarding the BIG MAC favors from the wedding I attended in Knoxville.  I’m not sure how the bride and groom went about their process, but if I may throw in my two cents...

Every fast-food restaurant is a franchise, meaning they are owned by individuals. Because of this you can Google the name of the franchise and the city where you are- no doubt, Google will provide a phone number. Voila! Ask to speak to a manager and ask how they go about placing an order of that size that will be picked up at a specific time.

The venue where your reception is taking place most likely has a kitchen and if the food needs to be preserved will be placed in a hot box or refrigerator until it’s time for them to make their appearance.


If you don't want to use the box your food comes in you can opt for a takeout box from Mr.TakeOutBags.com. You can stick a personalized label with your wedding logo and farewell message to your guests, or depending on the side add food to the box.  Here from http://www.stylemepretty.com/ the caterer put 2 sliders, and fries in the box with napkins!

Either way, original packaging or personalized your guests will appreciate the treat!

My apologies for the redundancy, if any, but the CharlotteLucey rule of thumb for favors is this :  It should be something the guests can use or consume.  You don’t want to purchase something that will be thrown out or simply left behind after you’ve spent the money producing it.
If you’re thinking about going the food route, call way in advance so you don’t have any surprises closer to your wedding.

Know what the restaurant requires of you:
  • Is there a minimum?
  • How far in advance do they need the quantity?
  • Do I have to pick it up or is there delivery?
As always, the question at hand is “What is my budget?”  Look out for beach fries on the Weddingscape appearing later this evening!