Show Some Sparkle!

Who enjoys fireworks and sparklers?!    It’s not anything new, but sparklers are such a beautiful and wonderful conclusion to any wedding.   They carry a whimsical feeling that lasts long after the wedding party has ended. They’re also a lot more affordable and law-abiding than fireworks.  

Sparklers aren’t handed to people with the expectation they are going to stand with a fiery stick in their hand.  They are now an accessory to the event  and provide such a wonderful feeling and spirit to the day/evening. 

I recently completed a Weddingscape for a Bride who is an outgoing and joyful person.  I immediately thought how sparklers fit her fun-loving personality and included them in her presentation. 


Sparklers Online has been featured in “InStyle Weddings”  and is a great site. The webpage is adorable and everything sparklers should be!  What we like best about Sparklers Online is that they state “Not all sparklers are alike”

CharlotteLucey likes this for 2 reasons: 

1) The sparklers are brighter and longer- it’s simply a better product and
2) Not all weddings are alike. Although other weddings may use the product, there are so many different ways to incorporate these that it just adds to the uniqueness of your day. 

You can shop for your sparklers, look at their photo gallery (which is amazing!) and catch some creative ideas.  We love the twinkle and sparkle every time the mouse gets clicked. 

Sparkle away during the day or night- this will make a great addition to your celebration!

If you would like a Weddingscape, CharlotteLucey is creating them for free through May 15th.  Email us at CharlotteLucey.info@gmail.com